Whatsapp is the word, I don’t think anyone in this 21st century is unfamiliar with. It is the new messaging application that made people of 21st century messaging addict. It left behind BBM and text messaging as they were boring and redundant. There may be a jumble of messaging apps in the market, but Whatsapp has been forerunner since years.

The small app started with a little vision has turned out to be most downloaded and usage app in the world. “Whatsapp Me” has become a new phrase used daily by millions of people around the globe. After all, the application comes up with free unlimited messaging and using a lot of Emojis. The idea of two guys that quit Yahoo for joining Facebook about creating their proprietary messaging service due to massive opportunity in it became damn successful.
According to a compendium, there are approximately 42 billion texts, 2 billion pictures and over 240 million videos that are exchanged every day through Whatsapp. Despite so many users, Whatsapp always shows their habit of sneakily delivering new features without informing their users about it. However anything related to technology, digital world, there are always many hidden secrets, tips, and functions that you can apply.
Here, below mentioned are the Whatsapp Tricks that we have gathered after scouring every inch of Whatsapp to inform you all so that you can use Whatsapp in a better way.

Whatsapp Tricks:
Even you might be using some of them since a long time, here are some Whatsapp tricks that will make you Whatsapp Pro.

Whatsapp Hidden Features
1. Use A New Typewriter Font
If you wish to change your Typewriter font, you just need to perform a simple trick.
Before typing your message, you need to put ` symbol three times.
For example, if you wish to say Hello with a different font, you need to write “`Hello“`. Be sure do not mix up the symbol with ‘. Both of them are different. In case you cannot find this symbol on your keyboard just copy it from here.
2. Sending Messages to various Users without letting each other know
In case you wish to send all your contacts a lovely good morning message every morning but you want to send them separately so that each member does not know to whom you have sent messages. For doing so, you need to perform a simple operation in Whatsapp.
• Open your Whatsapp application.
• Tap on the three vertical dots presents on the top right corner to open the menu.
• Now click over New Broadcast.
• Add the contacts whom you wish to deliver the same message without letting each other know about the message.
This allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts without letting each other know about it just the same way BCC option does in Emails.
3. Write a message in Bold letters
If you wish to send someone a message in Bold letters only, add * “Asterisks” before writing your message and after completing your message. For ex *Hello*. Your message automatically converts into bold letters.
4. Writing in Italics
If you wish to send someone a message by italicizing a message, only add _ “Underscore” before writing your message and after completing your message. For, e.g., _Hello_. Your message automatically converts into Italicise letters.
5. Writing with Strikethrough
If you wish to send someone a message by cutting through the message, only add ~ “Tidles” before writing your message and after completing your message. For eg ~Hello~. Your message automatically converts into strikethrough.
6. Find Out Your Best Freind
If you wish to see who is your best friend over, Whatsapp ? Open settings, then open Account and then open Storage usage. Now total no of interactions is shown with each contact of your Whatsapp list. You can even see who you have spent the most time over Whatsapp, for this, you have to select “Size” at the bottom right of the screen.
7. Reduce Whatsapp Data Usage
For reducing your Whatsapp data usage, Open Settings, go to Data Usage and then click over Network Usage. Limit your data usage over Whatsapp by allowing your media files to download only when connected to WI-FI. To reduce data usage over Whatsapp Calls, select LOW DATA USAGE mode under the same option.
8. Add Dates To Your Calendar
In case users with iOS mobile phones State date, the date appears blue and gets underlined automatically. To stop this, user just needs to tap over the hyperlink to get to options that are Create Event and copy. Select Create Event and then specify the date correctly for eg Tuesday 18th. If you write just Tuesday, the feature won’t function.
9. Search a text
In case you forget the date of the message and want to recall the chat for that day, but you do remember just a phrase you used that day, or your contact sent you – Just got to the same contact and then tap on search option and write the text or phrase that you remember. Whatsapp will find the whole sentence and messages regarding it.
10. Star mark a message
In case you are a frequent loser of important things and there is something important in Whatsapp you need to remember it either message, picture, video, etc. As soon as you receive a message long hold the message and tap on the star icon that appears on the top right corner of the screen. To see all the star marked messages go to options and click Starred Messages.


So these were some of the hidden features of whatsapp that you can use in your day to day life and make chatting even more easier. Having been using any of the above mentioned trick prior ? Do let you know your response in comments section J