If you are going to buy a new iPhone 5s, just don’t do it. I could save many of your dollars. The market price of new iPhone 5s is approximately 400$ and that’s a very big amount. Everyone wants to buy a good thing for himself or for his loving ones at an affordable price. Before buying anything from the market, one checks his pocket that this thing is in his range or not. Then he goes for it. If he gets discount on that specific thing, then his joy is above the moon. I am telling you this because I am going to do same thing with my iPhone 5s. The one, who wants to buy it will find himself lucky. Because I am selling my iPhone for only 200$. Yes! You heard it right. I am selling my brand new phone on this rate. After the launch of iPhone 6 and others, the company has stopped the selling of iPhone from their site. So if you want to buy a 100% working 5s in cheap rate, you have to contact us.

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The best thing about any mobile is its specifications. Its reality that everyone in this world needs maximum result from the minimum cost. So, after seeing its specifications, I am quite sure that you are going to buy this.

Display: iPhone 5s has a capacitive touchscreen of 4.00 inches that has a LED-backlit IPS LCD. The resolution of the screen is 640 X 1136 pixels. It means that you can watch high quality videos any time you want without any interruption on the screen. You can play highly pixel supported games. Moreover, if you are a business man or a student you can make excel sheet very easily and can do many other of your required tasks very easily because of its highly pixels supported and a wide ranged screen.

Camera: everyone wants a phone with a good camera result. This phone comes out with 8 megapixels, Yes! 8mp rear camera. You can make videos of any event, you can make pictures of your loving ones especially your gf or your wife. There is also a function of autofocus in the settings and it can focus about 29mm with a dual led-flash. You can make pictures anytime you want whether its night or day.

Memory: basically iPhone comes with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, this is the only difference between any iPhones. The 5s that I a selling is 32gb supported. You can save your data up to 32gb. That quite a big storage for normal users.

Battery: the normal issue of any mobile user is the battery timing. But you don’t have to worry in 5s case. It has a 1600 mAh Li-Po battery. Its talk time on 2g network is about 10h and have 8h of talk time on 3g network. You will be fully satisfied with its battery timing.

Body Weight: It supports a NANO sim card and its weight is 400g. it’s quite light. Yes, it seems to be light and fully fitted in one’s hand because of its 4.00-inches screen.

Network: It supports 2g and 3g networks over GSM, CDMA, HSPA and LTE. Due to its fast processor, you will be not interrupted in any of your internet activity. It has its own web surfing browser.

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Why You Should Have To Buy This?

Due to a wide variety of mobiles in the market why you should have to buy only this? The answer is quite simple. First, I am giving you this on very cheap rate with a warranty of 1 year. Second, if you visit market, you can’t find mobile phone having above mentioned specifications on this rate. The time is very important in the world. It is the most precious thing. So, save your time from bargaining in the market. Buy this before anyone else have it.