How you wake up today in the morning, who remembered to wake you up at an accurate time? How you manage to shop affordably when the occasion is looming over your head? How you communicate with your loved ones who live seven seas across? How you take notes when there’s no book available?

These questions though sounds weird, but they’re based on our daily social, professional, and academic tasks; somewhat a part of our lifestyle – have you noticed how technology synchronize with our daily lifestyle?


The use of technology has become an excessive addiction that has totally intoxicated us, and make us hook to it in order to run our life easier. Thus it bends us to acknowledge it’s significance and role in enhancing our lifestyle as well as transforming it into the most luxurious one.

The Technology has made  advancement have make some great discoveries, yet bring a breakthrough in our day-to-day lives. With regards to its outstanding contribution in making our lives the convenient one- following are some few factors revealing how technology has changed our lifestyles.

5 Ways Technology changed our lifestyle?

  1. Socializing – Technology has Changed the Way We Meet & Greet:

Then – Going to shop, pick a greeting card, write your message, post it to someone, and pay the shopkeeper. Now – pick a cell phone, type message, and send your greeting to your loved one without any cost – Then or now, which one is convenient? Of course now. This is how technology has changed the way we greet and meet our loved ones.

The same goes with sharing information, people are no longer using the traditional route of sharing information. Social networks now allow us to communicate. In fact, anything posted on social media spreads like a wildfire once it goes viral.

  1. Technology Has Changed the Way Students Study & Manage Their Budgets:

The blessing of technology cannot be equaled by anything else in this world. If we talk about student life, it revolves around technology and is central to their very existence. Many students strive to maintain a work-life balance and are constantly hoping for a miracle to help them budget.


Innovation has an answer for once more another quandary that torment the psyche of these youthful people. Innovation has assumed control over the customary pattern and the ideas of slides condensing the long-running parts are embraced by the greater part of the instructive organizations these days.

Shrewd devices and versatile applications have encouraged understudies and instructors alike. Online libraries, virtual learning destinations, Skype consider sessions and numerous such choices are common.

  1. Online Reading & Learning:

Devices such as tablets, laptops, smart phones, and e-readers have made it easier for us to carry our books around without breaking our backs. Online learning enables to share myriad of thigs anywhere and anytime.

Our Wi-Fi-empowered devices have changed the way we work, play, and even bring up our kids. Today’s workplaces would be unrecognizable to specialists of the past because of the multiplication of messages, video conferencing, tablets, PCs, other moderately late advancements.

  1. Technology Has Transformed Time Management:

Organizations depend intensely on time administration apparatuses to meet due dates and to make fulfilled clients. The endless advantages that innovation has utilized are unquestionable and have permitted us to evacuate correspondence boundaries, increment profitability and endeavor assets in an a great deal more effective way than some time recently.

It endeavors to furnish you with the most helpful approach to stay in contact and reply to the multitudinous questions that surge your inbox and tackle their issues.

It additionally incorporates highlights for overseeing stock and fund, web-based social networking efforts and essential business alarms and updates. From the business point of view, these apparatuses are an additional advantage to many firms. Private companies can profit an extraordinary arrangement from these innovative achievements and they help support ROI.

  1. Technology Has Revolutionized the Way We Shop:

The new pattern of e-business has upset the way we shop today. A cell phone is an extreme device to help you guide through your shopping binge from home. Applications like eBay and Shop Savvy are perfect on all gadgets and guarantee you a special client encounter.

The plan of action has been altered by the mediation of innovation and has changed the way buyers approach retail and at last shopper shopping conduct.


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