What is Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a wireless service that offers us a wide variety of paid packages at cheap rates. They offer us weekly, monthly and yearly based packages. They are under the partnership of “TracFone.” It is a company that claims to have 99 percent coverage over the cellular network in the US and other Europe countries. They are also connected with the other wireless telecommunication authorities to give 100 percent real result to the users. They don’t have any hidden charges like the other wireless network providers.

How to Get Started?

There is not a big procedure, how to start by Straight Talk. For this, you just need a new straight talk phone numbers. Then there are two methods of activating it. First, you can call at customer care center by dialing 1-877-430-2355. Second, you can activate your set by visiting the link http://www.straighttalks.com/activate . Just enable yourself and pick up a plan according to your taste and get yourself you’re the moon by its brilliant offers and wide area network coverage with the claim of 99 percent hold on wireless services.

straight talk phone numbers

Benefits of Straight Talk:

Straight talk is a wireless service that has many advantages over the other carriers. First, it has covered a wide range of area. Second, it has packages that are not so expensive. Third, it is associated with TracFone and Walmart that has 99 percent coverage area. Fourth, the customers have a wide trust over this carrier service. It also provides many unlimited packages at very low cost. Simply, it the best from the best.

Packages and Plans:

30$ Package: 30$ packages provides you 1000 minutes that can be used nationwide.1000 messages through which you can send pictures and texts and also give 30mb. It also has the refill facility. This package is for 30 days.

45$ Package: Through this package, you can call unlimited minutes and also can send unlimited texts nationwide. You also have unlimited MBs to surf the internet. This is valid for 30 days/1 months.

60$ Package: this package gives you unlimited calls throughout the world, and unlimited MBs, and unlimited texts nationwide. This is valid for one month.

130$ Package: it offers unlimited texts and calls nationwide and unlimited internet for browsing. This package is for 90 days/3 months.

255$ Package: this package is as same as 130$ package. It gives unlimited calls and text nationwide and unlimited internet MBs for surfing. But this is valid for 180 days/6 months.

495$ Package: this gives you unlimited calls and texts for 1 year. You can call nationwide unlimited. You also can text anywhere around the nation. You can enjoy the internet that is unlimited throughout the year by this offer.

All the offers mentioned above can also be refilled by very easy methods. You can also get a discount on every refill offer. So, stop wasting your time on bad wireless carrier providers. Just register yourself on straight talk and make your life quite easier. There are no hidden charges on any offer. You should avail this offer for the simplicity of your life. I am sharing all this because “sharing is caring”. We care for our users. For more information, contact us.