When looking to make money selling goods or services online, it is easy to become lost in the huge variety of Ecommerce platforms available. Giving you services that let you build a customisable online store at the click of a few buttons make them ideal for any new business owners. As an Ecommerce store owner fascinated in the technological side of owning a website, Shopify has provided the best software for my business. Here’s why:


Scalable Pricing:

When I was starting my interior design Ecommerce store, I didn’t want to go all in on one of the dozens of e-commerce software wanting $100 a month. Shopify, on the other hand, offers the best pricing of all. With plans beginning at $29 per month that really offer a full package, you are given all the features necessary to start a good Ecommerce business, it is only when you start making money and your business grows, you can scale your package.

It is the reasonable pricing Shopify offers that makes it the perfect choice for new businesses like my own.


E-commerce Marketing Features:

Shopify provides business starters with a variety of easy-to-use features that are necessary to an online store. Soon after creating your account, you’ll uncover tools that range from allowing you to provide customers with a shopping basket, allowing you to sell your items through social media platforms and analytics to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not.

Another huge benefit of Shopify is the internal marketing features that are so easy to implement into your store. Firstly, Shopify makes use of search engine optimization that is already built into the software, meaning you don’t need to worry about methods of getting your store and products noticed. Other marketing tools include features that are designed to help customer retention, from discount code generators and various social media integration allowing for sales to convert from Facebook, Twitter and Email.


No Web Design Skills Required:

It is easy to be mistaken into believing that the features like those listed above would require a technological skillset. The truth is that Shopify is almost too easy to believe. From creating your account to launching the store, everything that you need to do is clearly labelled and provided ready for you to fill the details.


For example, no previous web or E-commerce design is necessary when adding items to your store. I found that I simply had to choose my own theme, entered details like the name and description of the product and uploaded some images, Shopify does the rest and renders the information into a functional and aesthetic store.  


An all-inclusive Collective:


Another major benefit for small business owners like myself is that Shopify acts as a collective, allowing you to run every aspect of your business through the platform without needing to outsource to multiple different people at once.

Acting as an all-inclusive collective, Shopify provides CRM (customer relationship management) tools that make it easy for you to manage customers, CMS (content management system) tools to let you continually post any amount of content from videos to full text blogs onto your website to give it a personal and authentic feel.

From both a short and long-term perspective, Shopify also takes control of the security of your store, providing an unbelievably good uptime, guaranteeing your website to be fully functioning for over 99.9% of the time. Your store is also constantly updated to the latest features for free meaning you’re never playing catch up behind other E-commerce websites.


The combination of these features made Shopify a distant winner when choosing the perfect E-commerce platform for my business Dandelion Interiors.