Food is the basic component of fitness. Food and fitness have a very close relationship.  If the food is perfect, the body becomes fit, if the food is not perfect the body cannot be. Moreover, food is the basic and ultimate source of fitness. Food has no comparison with steroids or weight losing pills. Food is the habit, need and exercise. Moreover, gives energy to the body. Food is the fuel of the body. Food is the energy of the body. Food is same as water for the body. Furthermore, if the water and food are pure, you will get the perfect fit body. As food is the basic need, we cannot live without eating so long thus eat healthy food to live fit. If the food is not pure, healthy and fresh, it enforces you to eat and take steroids and weight loss pills. However, some of the healthiest foods are discussed as under:


Banana is the fruit which contains many minerals, especially Potassium. Moreover, Potassium helps muscles and nervous system for proper functioning.  It helps you to leave steroids, which contain potassium.


Orange gives you energy. Have you ever felt tired or fatigue during exercise? Have you ever needs some fruity water while you were doing exercise? However, orange is the source which boosts your energy while doing exercise. Orange is also the main source of Vitamin C which helps you to avoid steroids, which contain Vitamin C because steroids also have side effects.


Broccoli is the richest source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Moreover, these types of food boost your energy without weight losing pills and steroids. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which helps to reduce the intensity of cancer, according to researchers.  Broccoli contains many vitamins like B6, B3, B2, B1, magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium too. It also gives fiber and burns high calories. Broccoli also is rich in vitamin.


Garlic is used in many dishes and gives taste of many dishes. It is good for high blood pressure patients, and it also reduces the risk of cancer.


Spinach increase and support of healthy vision, as lutein and carotenoid pigments, zeaxanthin that build up in the retina of the eye. However, spinach is a good source and contains vitamins K and A, Spinach also a good rich in folate. Furthermore, vitamin A is essential to source and important for vision. However, deficiency of vitamin A leads to “night blindness.” Furthermore, vitamin K contains proteins which help in blood clotting, although, Folate helps the metabolism function.

In the end, there are several foods and fruits which are helpful for fitness and human health. Moreover, when you started controlling your diet, you become fit. Every vegetable has its benefits, but there are some ways of using it. Not only vegetables, but fruits are very much healthy for the fitness. Furthermore, food is the best source to reduce many abnormalities in the body.  Food helps you to reduce weight and become a fit without taking weight losing pills and steroids.