The entry of your data at different places and the use of them:

Ever you thought that where your data stored whenever you opened a bank account or a social website account, and you give your username, password, credit card number and other such relevant information. That’s a thought-able point. If your significant and vital data gets into the wrong hands, then you will lose all your bank cash and other related documents.

So, it is very vital to protect your data from the bad side. Read the whole article to know more about this.

Eu data protection directive

The need for data privacy:

Data privacy is the core need of everyone. No one wants to share his personal information with anyone in this era. They have the data which is more important than their lives. Office management contains the information which is the secret from other companies. If that data gets stolen, then there might be a chance of closing that coming because of loss. Due to this purpose, the data gets secured by some high authority companies that no one can steal such important type of data.

If you have personal data, then you also want to save it from others. That’s also important. But somehow, the thieve are always ready to steal some valuable data from you. Due to this purpose, there was the need for EU data protection directive.

Eu data protection directive:

The EU data protection directive came into being in 1995. From then to now, there are many changes in it. It has become stronger from that time. Now, one can feel safer and smarter in the data protection. Many of the companies now fulfill the basic need of the clients. There are seven main principles of this directive:

The seven principles of this directive:

There are seven principles on this directive. Have a look at them.

  • Notice: The person will get a notice if his/her data gets collected
  • Purpose: The data gathered will get used for the purpose and will not be used other than the mentioned purpose.
  • Consent: Not be shareable to the third parties without the permission of the owner of that data.
  • Security: The data once collected will be under the usage of safe hands and will not get stolen, theft or loss.
  • Disclosure: Subjects whose data gets collected should get informed to the parties or the party collecting that detailed
  • Access: The data once received will be available for the accuracy. It means you whose data gets collected will get access for the accuracy of data.
  • Accountability: For the adhering of all the seven principals, one should be able to hold all the personal data accountability.

If any one of them gets violated, then there is a heavy punishment under this law. After the imposition of directive, there will be an advancement in the data protection. The peace of the world will increase, and there will be more friendly situations around the world.