7 Great Tips to Reduce Your Mobile Phone bill

The key to saving cash in your daily life is required to check out just one occasion a month to look at the everyday belongings you employ and get and see if there's space for improvement.

In these days Mobile Phone is the necessary product for all kinds of people, of course it’s a luxury item long back. Many people think that they don’t live without a phone. With the advancement in technology Smartphones and Windows phones has been introduced on all popular brands like iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC and more. But most of the times we will get into a trap with the mobile phones, If we don’t get alerted every time the phone's budget will go out of control. So here are the few tips to put your phone’s monthly budget under your control.

1. Check your plan
If you want to save money on your plan, you need to know how many calls you make every month and how much money you are spending on calls, internet data and downloading etc., Once you get the facts of your calls, text data, internet and downloading, you will get an idea about where you are spending more money and where have to reduce them etc. By this analysis you'll additionally gain the leverage you need to go out and look for a better plan and save money.

2. Make your current mobile plan works better for you
First understand the services and offers from your network service provider. Use them wisely to make calls and text to reduce the bills. Find out your friends & family with which network they are, so that you can get the free talk time sometimes if you both are using same network and plan otherwise you can keep your conversations in little brief only.

3. Don’t forget to send the texts
Text messaging is more popular now-a-days. Use the free text messages instead of making calls. Sending text messages are not free all the time. If you are using a Smartphone at the time, you can take the advantage of free messenger services from Gtalk, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger. It can be very easy to send messages online using messenger services.

4. Free Calls on Internet
If you are using BroadBand on your laptop or desktop then just log in into Skype and make all calls are free. The Skype software should be installed on both systems ie., on sender and receiver. Skype offers you free chat and screen share also. You can connect a webcam to make the video calls. You can make calls directly to cell phone or landline also for a small charge.

5. Don’t pay for information calls to Agencies
If you need any address or phone numbers then don’t make calls to service agencies. Many times agencies charge for their information calls. In this thing, if you are having a Smartphone with internet just go online and search for your required information. It could save your money all the time.

6. Call and ask for a Better plan
Based on usage of the phone you can select your network service provider. Call the customer service and ask for a better mobile plan as per your requirements.

7. Review once Sharing plans
Instead of purchasing individual data plans, it can be the best solution of using sharing plans like unlimited family plans in between people and devices. Many network service providers are offering this kind of plans. It means that, only one account covers multiple persons and gadgets like mobile phone, tablet and internet data cards. It could work well within the family and business groups or partners.

You can make money on your unused phones and old phones also. Sometimes it will cover your one or two month bill. Many companies in the market offering at a fixed price or exchanging the goods on old phones.

So don’t be lazy on these tips. Spend some time on your monthly bill and implement these changes to get the big difference at the end.

This is a guest post by Pankaj Saboo. Pankaj is a lead content writer for indcel.com. His special interests are buying latest mobile phones, data cards and tablets. You can also join indcel on Facebook.

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