How to Write Effective Direct Mail Sales Letters

When planning a direct mail campaign, it’s vital to have a relevant, up-to date mailing list and a reliable, efficient mailing services provider. However, it’s equally important not to overlook the sales letter. It’s the sales letter that will help draw the customer in, get them to connect with a brand and, ultimately, encourage them to make a purchase. An effective direct mail sales letter should have the following:

Be Clear, Concise and Personal

A sales letter that is rambling or difficult to understand will be unlikely to connect with anyone. The main point of the letter should be made in the first few lines, and it should be written in plain English. The letter
should be written with a friendly, conversational tone, and every letter should be personalised for the recipient.

Showcase the Benefits a Product/Service Offers

A sales letter that simply lists the features that a product or service has might be helpful to someone, but it is unlikely to inspire. Companies should use their direct mailing letters to showcase the benefits that they could offer customers. This will let the customers know why they can’t live without that particular product or service.

Give the Customers a Reason to Respond

A sales letter should always finish by asking the customer for an order (e.g. ‘visit our website or call’). However, direct mailings are often more successful if the customers are given a reason to act. This could be a money-off discount or a time-limited offer.

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