Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Tablets for Increased Organization and Productivity

The small business owner of today is vastly different than in the past, thanks to tablet computing technology that allows for on-the-go task management. From file organization and customer management apps to small business productivity tools, a tablet provides the right mix of information accessibility and portability.

Now that tablets are getting more affordable, business owners can consider how they will become an integral part of doing business in an expanding global marketplace.

Yet, with all the features and benefits of a tablet, why aren't more small business owners adopting them as a primary tool? Some experts say that it's because tablets are viewed more as personal productivity and entertainment tools, rather than business ones. Others believe that small business owners are simply unaware of how tablet computers can increase their ability to be productive and well-organized.

The Benefits of Tablet Computing for Small Business Owners
To help you evaluate whether a tablet computer should be a part of your business strategy, here are five helpful ways that small business owners can use them.

Sales Presentations - Perhaps one of the best ways for a small business owner to use a tablet computer is to share powerful presentations using Powerpoint and videos. Create an online library of sales presentations and in minutes you can be showing how innovative and responsive you are to a prospect. Some tablets even connect to digital projectors that allow you to demonstrate ideas, products, and services to a large number of people at once, which is a great feature for meetings or conferences.  

Customer Resource Management - Having access to your customer information wherever you go is a major benefit that a tablet computer can offer your small business. By using CRM apps, like Salesforce for example, you can keep track of activities and notes on every client. Use this information to help build your small business through customer relationship building and referrals. This gives you the ability to deliver a more personal business experience to your clients, and you appear to be more in touch with your clients, which is important today.

On-demand Information - Ever go on a client call and been asked for a document, like a contract or a manual? With a tablet computer, you can easily retrieve all types of information within seconds, which makes you more efficient. Use a secure cloud server or CRM for document storage, maintaining a database of client information in digital files. This is also a great way to provide a backup for your business continuity planning.

Communications Enhanced - Gone are the days of sitting in an office all day by the phone. Now you can take your tablet and use any number of VoIP applications on your tablet computer that allow you to talk with and even hold live conferences with your clients and colleagues. Some tablets allow you to use your current business cellphone plan to conduct and record calls live over your tablet.

File Organization - Getting organized as a small business owner is vital to your success. One of the problem areas of small business organization is what to do with all the paperwork, forms, records, invoices, statements and receipts you get while dealing with customers, vendors, and employees.  Make it a habit to scan and store all documents digitally, and create a back-up cloud storage file on your tablet.

Take a look at the ways in which you are currently conduct your small business and discover how tablet computing can help you take it up a notch.

About the Author: Steven Taylor has been writing about technology and business solutions for many years. You can find him reviewing Time Warner’s business internet services.
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