Thinking about microsoft exchange hosting for your business– way to go!

Communication happens to be the lifeline of any enterprise, no business owner can deny that! No matter what industry you belong to and no matter what scale you operate on, the importance of free flowing relevant information from the desired persons to the desired persons simply cannot be downplayed. And the digital age has come to emphasize that even more!

Ever since Microsoft unveiled its Exchange Software line, it has become the reason behind successful corporate stories all across the world. In many ways, this software has simplified the way business communications are streamlined. The technology itself has come leaps and bounds from what it used to be in its nascent stage. Exchange 2010 is radically different from its predecessors like 2000 and 2003. There is a whole new management interface as well as the ability for ASP and cloud services providers to be able to provide Microsoft Exchange 2010 as a hosted environment. All in all, this is as good as secure business communication can ever get!

So if you really are thinking about going for the Microsoft Exchange 2010 hosting solutions for use on your business, then trust me, you are making the right choice! And if you still have any doubts about that, here is a complete list of all the advantages that you can get from using this option to get your business communications working perfectly.

Access to Windows Exchange features and benefits

·         Easy access

The Microsoft Exchange 2010 hosting software package operates across multiple services on multiple platforms. This means that you can access your email and calendar from any browser and any device.  Talk about mobile technology and smart phones too! Cross-platform compatibility enables you and your employees to always be connected with your work.

·         Setting up meetings

You and your colleagues can easily schedule meetings with each other. This works best when your employees or co-workers are all stationed at different sites and need to frequently get together to discuss important matters and share updates. Even if you're not logged into Outlook, the Calendar Attendant keeps track of any new meetings that might have been proposed, allowing you to accept, reject or reschedule them when you log back in.

·         Security

One of the most important advantages of the Microsoft Exchange hosting 2010 software package is secured communications. Say no to viruses and malware and spam mails filling up your inbox. Choosing to go with this amazing technology will keep your communications safe and your data protected.

·         Server based rules

With Exchange hosting 2010, you also get to take advantage of the time saving capabilities of server based rules.  Forget about spending hours on managing your emails and trying to keep your inbox from being cluttered. You can set email rules that will do the job for you. From moving files from specific people or groups to into pre-determined email folders to auto-forwarding of files from specific people or groups to your set group of people or even deleting files based on certain logical rules – you can do it all with this software.

·         Out of office communications

There simply cannot be a better way to be communicating and being in touch with work and colleagues than using Exchange 2010 hosting. Use it to customize ‘out of office’ messages that can be set according to the person you want to send it to. It also allows you to schedule your 'out of office' assistant. Now this handy feature helps you in managing your communication. After all, its easy to forget about doing it when you're busy trying to prepare for a business trip or holiday.

Saving Money

Setting up a Microsoft Exchange solution on your own can be quite costly. To begin with, you will have to purchase a license of Microsoft Exchange Server, then install it on your web server, then set up the software which can only be done if you have access to a dedicated or virtual private server hosting solution. This happens to quite expensive as compared to opting for Exchange 2010 hosting.


Exchange 2010 hosting solutions are offered by companies that have all the necessary infrastructure in place to give you reliable and trustworthy services. These are housed in state of the art data centers and are manned by the best industry professionals 24x7. Expect on-time back ups, reduced unauthorized or accidental distribution of data and various other control features. This will make the entire experience worthwhile!

Groove your music needs with MP3 Player

Music has always enthralled the fantasies of one and all everyday and every moment of our life. It is the sweetest escape from the daily hectic of the turbulent world and has allured our senses with some loving symphonies every time. And with the technology gearing up and encompassing a wide sphere, the development of music players was weaved and obvious and hence hammering a great impact on the music industries of today. As an understood concept, modern generations will not linger much for buying the vintage music CDs when they have a hold of a latest gizmo which can mould their ecstasies and enchantment without having to knot them in boundaries. Certainly, these gears are common and every second person is seen having a hold of it, whether on road or in the office or anywhere else. These are mobile music players that does it all for you, anytime.

These gears are now on a mainstream with milestone products hosted by many brands such as, Sony. No doubt, Sony Mp3 players have earned the standing of being as one of the best and the modest players available in the market today. These gizmos are handy, swanky in their looks and an outstanding performer every time.

Today we all are familiar with the world famous word, “Walkman”. It’s Sony which is regarded as the founder of this name and hence completely transformed the music listening experience without leaving anybody untouched with its silent effect. Having a long success history in the music arena, the company has continued with its array of world class music players back to back. Today we find the infamous walkman series music players in compact size. The flash players have endeavored to offer immersive monster storage capacity and a long playback time. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries that are so chic that it doesn’t takes much time to recharge back. Once you’re all charged, the 50 hours of songs playback are all yours.

Certainly, the Mp3 technology today has showcased a terrific improvement and in the modern gizmo world. Cool features, astonishing performance and a handsome profile have made these gadgets as an apple of everyone’s eye. The level of entertainment will surely take you to all new horizons where the music will linger into your heart. Fantastic sound quality, superb playback and a chic carcass is all what makes an impact. After all, music buffs are crazy about sounds and clarity. Sony's consistent research and development in the electronic market has marked as one the revolutionary success history. Carrying its legacy of sorts in the digital market, the company has done amazingly well and has always been catching up the odds.

As a matter of fact, the rising trend and competitions in the market has cascaded a deep impact on the prices of these gizmos. The Mp3 Players Price is now no more a holdup factor for these gadgets are available from affordable to high end price range. And with the price, there will be some alterations in the capacity and capability of the players too. Higher the price, richer will be the features and vice versa.

Undoubtedly, Sony's line of music players has laid down wonderful examples for why a modern music player should boast complex features in an elegant body. Pink slipping the rivals has never been a herculean task for a company like this. However, aforementioned competition leaves no rival harmless. Even a giant like Sony also faces the heat when a monster company like Apple Inc dares to launch prolifically bestowed class products. Thus, maintaining a pace in the rapid changing technology world is a big challenge for one and all. Innovation and research backed with development makes the best out of everything one produces.

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Six Basic Steps to Create High-Resolution Panoramas

This guide explains the simple method of collecting, stitching, and merging photos with Panorama Maker. If you want to learn how to stitch photos, this guide would tell you everything that you had been looking for. With better cameras, you get higher resolution pictures, but even with an ordinary camera, you can click beautiful photos, and then make use of a powerful tool like the Panorama Maker to create the perfect panoramic image.
Collecting Pictures
You can take images with iPad, iPod, iPhone or any other digital/SLR camera and download them on your Mac. You can make use of Panorama apps for iOS to collect your pictures. After collecting them from your phone’s camera or digital camera, drag the pictures directly from your desktop or iPhoto into Panorama for blending and stitching.
Adding Pictures for Stitching
To stitch pictures together, you first require putting them into Panorama; you can drag pictures from iPhoto or use ‘add photo’ button or your desktop into the picture browser region, which is present at the bottom of the stitching window.
Put the pictures in the browser to specify the order in which, you want them to appear. Panorama maker can stitch the pictures using ‘name sort’ or ‘stitch sort’ button. You can stitch for each row or column, by choosing the ‘stitch top to bottom’ or vice-versa from the menu button.
Panorama Maker
Stitching Columns
You can stitch the columns, like right, middle or left, as you created. You’ve to drag the pictures into the browser, as you did earlier to stitch the columns as well. You can select ‘stitch left to right’ from the popup menu button. You can adjust the marine size, if you find major misalignment of the column pictures, particularly the right and middle columns. With the use of apps, you can create better pictures than the original and you can compare the results with original.
Compare Stitch with Originals
The original pictures can be merged into an array of picture cells, using Panorama Maker‘s photo tile app and placed next to the result got for comparison. The warps of the individual pictures can be arranged, and then can be combined for making mosaic panorama of the pictures.
If the images have slightly different exposures, you can easily fix them using photo editing application, such as preview or iPhoto. For more details, see how to create panoramic photos using the Panorama software from ArcSoft.
High-Resolution Panoramas
Blending Photos
You can make use of Panorama Maker to merge the pictures together, creating a montage. The width of the merge can be set in your choice of preferences or you can use blending margin size feature. If the value is set to ‘0’, then the pictures can be purely concatenated altogether, either horizontally or vertically.
Saving the Results
Do not forget to save the results in various formats, like TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG or whatever your system supports. You can import them to other apps as well, if you want to edit the panorama and create high resolution panoramas on your iOS device or Mac.
Author Bio - This article is contributed by Mark Lewis, who has been creating panoramic pictures for well over a decade. He loves all kinds of advanced photo editing tasks, and often contributes resourceful tutorials on how to stitch photos to help the fraternity.

Do I Need an Inkjet or Laser Printer for the Home Office

Brian Prowse is a writer and self-proclaimed tech geek. He writes for sites such that specializes in Dell and HP toner cartridges. When he's not writing or playing around with the coolest gadgets on the market, Brian enjoys traveling and graphic design.

The requirements of a home office printer are almost as varied as the businesses they help support. While Bob needs a printer that can kick out loads of pages fast, Sue needs a printer with excellent color quality. Regardless of how the printer will be used, it needs to be fast, reliable, and capable of turning out professional documents. Both inkjet and laser printers fit this bill, but which is best for you?

Will an inkjet printer handle your needs or do you need a laser printer? To determine which is better suited to your business, consider what you will be using your printer for. Also consider other costs associated with each type of printer, such as replacement costs for toner and ink cartridges. This can be found at retailers such as or

Text or Photos?

The best way to approach your printer needs is to narrow down your choices with this question.  Are you going to need picture quality or are you going to need to print a lot of text. If you need picture quality then an inkjet printer is the way to go. If your focus is on printing a lot of text, then you will want to consider a laser printer.

Inkjet printers. Inkjets have come a long way in recent years in their speed and quality of text printing. However, they are especially adept at printing graphics and photos in particular. Inkjet printers produce a wider range of colors than do laser printers, thus producing superior image quality.

Some inkjets produce quality prints on even common stock. However, to achieve the best quality can get expensive. If you are going to print banners, brochures, or photos expect to pay more for the paper. Another thing to consider is the amount of ink consumed for these specialty uses. The more complex the document the more you will spend on ink cartridges.

Overall, an inkjet may be the best choice if you will be printing photos or printing on a variety of paper and other printable media including canvas or specialty coated fabrics. Inkjet are also a good choice for those wanting a printer that is easy to maintain. Inkjets also tend to take up less space than a laser printer.

This is the printer of choice for businesses producing photo rich materials including real estate and design companies.

Laser printers. Text looks better with a laser printer. Lasers print faster and can handle longer documents and a steady stream of output. If printing is all you do, then a simple monochrome laser may be all you need. If you need to print in color, color lasers do a good job with simple graphics like logos and pie charts. Some even make a good photo print as well.

Be wary of low end laser printers; they may not offer any speed advantage over inkjet printers. Also be leery concerning claims of double digit engine speeds. Tests generally show that most laser models run at 50% or better of their reported top engine speeds.

Ultimately, deciding which printer to buy depends on the need of your business. They each have uses for which they excel. If you find that you need the best of both types, you may well want to consider buying one of each.

Satellite Internet Just Got More Affordable – and Faster, Too!

If you live in a rural area, your options for Internet connectivity may be limited. Luckily, satellite Internet is becoming more affordable and faster to better compete against cable and DSL. Even with such improvements, here are 3 reasons to consider subscribing to satellite Internet:

1. Availability.

The best thing about satellite Internet is that even people in the most remote areas of the United States can be connected to the web. Since cable and DSL both require for you to live a certain distance from the signal source, it can be problematic if you live in rural areas. However, because satellite Internet uses a signal source from space, it has a better chance of reaching you even in remote areas. Unfortunately, large mountains or forests can still potentially affect service availability for your area.

2. Speed.

The speed for satellite Internet is much faster than dialup, but is still challenged by both cable and DSL. However, many companies are currently striving for even faster satellite speeds to best keep up with high-speed DSL packages.
Satellite is often best for light Internet browsing because of the slight lag due to the distance the signal must travel. This can potentially make video streaming and voice chatting a little difficult. Although it is rare, just like with satellite television, satellite Internet may also experience disruptions because of extreme weather conditions.

It is important to remember that the overall speed that you get for your satellite Internet depends upon the service provider that you choose. For example, you can typically get speeds ranging from 250Kbps to 1.5Mbps. Although the speed will not make a difference to those that use the Internet for light browsing, if you run a business, it should be a major deciding factor.

3. Cost.

Just like with any product or service, the prices will vary depending on the provider and exactly what you are paying for. However, while cable and DSL are typically cheaper than satellite, satellite Internet providers have been working to make their own packages more affordable as well.

 When looking for satellite service, you will need to research various companies to see what sort of packages they provide. Depending on exactly what you are looking for, you can find packages as low as $29.95 a month, although starting packages between $49.99 and $59.99 per month seem to be more typical.

 Along with the cost per month, you may also want to consider any applicable installation fees. Depending on the company, you may be able to have the installation fee waived if you purchase a subscription plan online. However, reputable companies still offer phone numbers for you to reach them as well to make purchases or inquiries.

In this day and age, everyone should be able to receive Internet connectivity to best keep up with the world. With the use of satellite Internet, now people in even the most remote places of America can enjoy better connecting with the world around them.

Jamie Staker is a part-time movie critic living in a remote area of northwestern California. As an avid blogger, he posts articles on various blog sites to share how he manages to get the fastest Internet in town. To learn more about high-speed Internet access via Hughes Internet, please visit this website.

Is Your VPS Safe from Hackers

Compared to shared servers, it's easy to acknowledge that virtual private servers offer a new set of amazing capabilities, some of them including configurations and resources shared server veterans cannot even picture. But even though there's been a massive increase in power, there is also a need for a great increase in security.

Questions regarding VPS security

When it comes to VPS security, this is the client's and also provider's responsibility. So, before you are completely certain your VPS is properly secured; you will have to answer a few questions to make sure. Some of them include the type of support you need, the amount of responsibility you can take on and the things you should look for in a provider.

Having root access to your server can be a disadvantage for many, because it means you will be able to introduce weaknesses to your server. Given that, if everyone else on your ISP's network won't use good and secure virtual private server practices, to some extent, the entire network will certainly be compromised.

Experience as an admin

The good news though is that some people might be very experienced sysadmins who are very well versed in HTML 1.0, which means that considering a startup with low fees would be a great start for them. But for the rest of the users, they will certainly need to look for an internet service provider that has a good reputation and offers excellent customer satisfaction. The right approach would be to look for an ISP which has a good history of virtual private server security.

Improving VPS security
The first thing you can consider in order to improve your VPS security is to use strong passwords. Not only that, but you will also need to consider basic server hardening tasks or check whether your internet service provider has someone that does this for you.

At this point you will also have to check whether your virtual private server hosting service offers strong firewalls. Knowing whether they host black hat websites, warez or phishing websites is mandatory. Some questions to be asked in this regard include:

- How's the provider's physical security? Can anyone off the street just walk in and gain access to its servers?
- In the case of physical failure, are your files safe?
- How is the VPS hosting service's redundancy?
- Is the VPS security of the hosting service strong enough? If so, can they offer you a report from a reputable security consultant?

Attending to your own VPS security
Even if the above questions would be answered, you will still need to attend to your own virtual private server security. This will include basics like using a strong Antivirus solution, installing ModEvasive, using secure PHP, defeating IP spoofing by editing host.conf, fixing the open DNS recursion, making use of SFTP, disregarding port 22 and running ssh on a different port, using a specialized tool for detecting port scans, installing a web application firewall and a regular firewall, but also disabling telnet.

As an admin, you will have to check the logfiles for errors, user uploads and you'll also need to run your AV solution as a cron job.

Lastly, using a dedicated VPS you will see that you will no longer have to worry about security issues. These servers are properly secured and maintained, so regardless of what you'll store on them, you can be sure the data will be safe from prying eyes.

Author bio:
Zac Grace is a tech, marketing and SEO blogger working in the IT industry for the past 7 years. His work mostly revolves around SEO, but his interests do not end there. This article was written by Zac with the kind help and resources from Ninefold. You can connect with Zac on Twitter and Google+.